Sounds Like: Motown being played by Foo Fighters.


The accessible poetry of Cisco’s songs makes his audience both think and feel emotion.
— Diane Lilli, Nutley Journal

To be honest with you, I had no clue I was going to be a musician. For the first half of my life, my face was buried in a sketchbook. I wanted to be a comic book artist. Somewhere down the line, I got interested in writing lyrics. Maybe it was due to the fact that as I got old, life got a little bit more complicated, and I needed a different outlet to express myself. The Nirvana thing was blowing up at the time, and it truly inspired me. I wanted to play guitar, write music, so that’s what I did. Instead of drawings, I started to fill my sketchbooks with lyrics. In 99’ I bought my first guitar. In 2006 I played my first show.

My latest release is titled Mr. Gloom! Once again I tackle the subject of heartbreak and my piscean moodiness, while straddling the line between an innocent crush, and possible stalking charges. To top it all off, I included a cover of a song that was described by mother as "After a while, we all just got sick of hearing it".


Background Info

Real Name: Larée Cisco

Current Alias: LHCisco

Genres: Soul, Rock, Alternative, Blues Rock, Motown, Alt-Motown

NOTABLE INFLUENCES: De La Soul, Motown, Nirvana, Neko Case, Foo Fighters,

Letters to Cleo, Sleater-Kinney,

Aliases: LHCisco, Cisco, Chisco, Larry, Leroy

Joheki, Ray-Ray, Samuel, Son, Poppy

Affiliation: LHCisco, JAMERSoN, The Hall Deckers

Base of Operations: Futon Records, Nutley, NJ


Alignment: Good

Identity: Public Identity

Citizenship: American

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Education: High School, DuCret School of Arts


Gender: Male

Height: 5'7

Weight: 227 lbs (102.965 kg)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Origin: Human

Universe: Earth-616

Place of Birth: Chester, PA

Creators: Desiree Cisco, Lawrence Knox

First Appearance: Circa Lounge, Rochelle Park, NJ 2006


Photographer: Michael Aquino

Musican: LHCisco

Location: Clash Bar, Clifton, NJ